Loss, isolation, and a strange relationship with the sea.

Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is the remaking of life.”

Anne Roiphe

This immersive transmedia film project evolves with viewer interaction, navigating the complex relationships we have with loss - of objects, of people, of place, of self, of stability, of love - and our equally varied coping mechanisms. Featuring the stark beauty of the Pacific Northwest, an entirely original score, and sometimes wrapping painful truth in comedic relief, And, Apart forges a whole and complex universe. The work itself can even begin to act as a safe space to submerge and experience grief in a shared context; a therapeutic catharsis. With snowman jokes. 


PHASE 1 - THE short film

And, Apart began with a traditional short film on themes of loss and the power of human connection, which premiered in the fall of 2016. We met Ceilka, Roman, and Ruth - three seeming strangers whose broken lives mysteriously begin to intertwine. While A,A's narrative can be accessed from multiple mediums, the short is the most linear, recognizable point of entry to the story. 


Letters to the Lost are a physical way to connect to the world of And, Apart - and to each other. Simple in design, these blank, usually pre-stamped postcards offer a safe and supported outlet to anonymously channel thoughts, feelings, and stories of our own losses (of objects, of people, of stability, of love). Distributed around the world, these cards can be filled in and deposited at any mailbox to wing their way to Seattle and be lovingly collected by our team. Each card will be shared through social media and online in a communal gallery, a reminder that none of us is truly alone. Details gleaned from these personal expressions, along with interviews of survivors of diverse experiences, will start to weave into the A,A narrative itself. 

PHASE 3 (IN PROGRESS) - interactive web series

Peppered by real-world stories sent to us through Letters to the Lost in Phase 2, these pieces will utilize social media platforms such as YouTube & Instagram to share new content. The And, Apart world will expand and contract as additional parts of the story are revealed. Unseen footage, imagery, and mirco-videos will populate #andapartfilm (currently lead by #andafish) -- foraying into the past, present, and future of our characters. Twelve 5 minute interactive episodes will be released on YouTube as the center of our developing world, including one filmed in a 360 video space.